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Benefits of Braces Asheville

Sometimes the Advantages of Braces Are Not So Easy To See

At our orthodontics practice, we want all of our patients to understand the benefits of braces at our Asheville practice. Crooked teeth and a mal-aligned jaw can be aesthetically displeasing or embarrassing. However, not being pleased with your appearance can be the least of your worries when it comes to orthodontic problems. Dr. Jim MacAlpine and our staff have dealt with many orthodontic issues, and we understand the benefits of braces at our Asheville practice. We want to make sure that you understand those benefits, too.

Simple Steps to a Straighter Smile

The most obvious and recognizable benefit of braces is the aesthetic change they can make in the patient’s appearance. Many people prefer not to have crooked teeth or fractured smiles and desire a change. Braces can help align crooked and crowded teeth. So if you are looking for a straighter smile, then contact Dr. MacAlpine today to learn more about the benefits of braces at our Asheville practice.

Avoid Dental Pain and Problems Before They Start

While it is true that crooked teeth, a mal-aligned bite, or a fractured smile can dramatically affect your appearance, braces are often essential to good oral health. Without proper orthodontic care, a seemingly simple crooked tooth could eventually affect the entire mouth and jaw. Crooked and crowded teeth are nearly impossible to clean and maintain. The inability to properly maintain dental hygiene can result in a multitude of dental problems, from tooth decay and gum disease to permanent tooth loss. Orthodontic problems that can also arise from seemingly simple dental issues include mal-alignments of the jaw joints or excess stress on bone and gum tissue. All of these problems will most likely result in unnecessary headaches and pain in the neck and face if left untreated. While the aesthetic benefits of braces are obvious, avoiding the painful truth of serious dental problems is probably the best reason to weigh the benefits of braces at our Asheville practice.

Contact Us to Learn More about the Benefits of Braces

We deliver the most effective orthodontic treatments to all of our patients. During your initial consultation, Dr. MacAlpine and our staff will ensure that you understand all of your orthodontic options, and the benefits of braces at our Asheville practice. So if you are considering braces, then contact Dr. MacAlpine today to schedule your personal consultation.

To learn more about your orthodontic options, including Invisalign® invisible braces, contact our practice in Asheville, also serving surrounding areas, including Greenville, Tennessee.

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